The 6 Types Of Connected Students

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“Our students are definitely connected in the digital age. Through personal technology and social media platforms, their communications and collaborations are transparent and instantaneous. This Edudemic article from Katie Lepi features an infographic that shows us the different types of connected learner.”


via Edudemic

Broadband technology is about more than streaming your latest Netflix binge from your couch. Today’s connected students may be more digitally aware than ever thanks to mobile technology, but this handy infographic shows a number of interesting ways that technology is being used in educational settings, along with a few fun factoids. Read on to learn more.

Did You Know?

  • 1/4 of teens own a smartphone. 77% have a ‘cell phone’, more generically speaking
  • 63% of students prefer a blended learning environment
  • Virtual labs are allowing science experiments to happen across the country
  • 95% of teens aged 12-17 use the internet regularly
  • 1:1 device programs are allowing learning at school and at home
  • Only 23% of internet users and 7% of cell phone users say that they’ve taken part in a video call, chat, or teleconference

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