6 Hot Trends in Educational Technology [Infographic]

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“Special thanks to Sherwen Mohan for sending us this infographic featured on EdTech Magazine from Corey Murray. Here are six of the leading trends that can be found in educational technology right now.”


via EdTech Magazine

No one can predict the future. But that’s never stopped us from trying. Educators are notorious for this. Just imagine how much money and effort we’d save if we could somehow convince the Magic 8 Ball to tell us exactly what our schools and classrooms will look like five, 10, even 20 years from right now?

We can guess, even make a few educated predictions — perhaps publish a few more of those forward-looking reports that our colleagues seem so fond of. But sometimes the best and most accurate means of projecting what’s next is simply to ask.

That’s what network security provider Enterasys Secure Networks did to create this infographic, which we first read about on Edudemic. In it, K–12 educators identify six technologies that are transforming education and project how they will use them into the future.

The results are a barometer of where technology is headed. They also raise a few red flags for technology administrators whose networks are ill equipped to handle the change.

A couple of stats that stood out to me:

  • 37 percent of teachers say they plan to transition to only digital textbooks within the next one to five years. And just 26.3 percent believe they could do so easily given their current network infrastructure.
  • 46 percent of schools plan to exclusively use online assessments for testing within the next five years.
  • Despite all the talk about the flipped classroom, just 12.8 percent of educators say their school’s current information technology infrastructure is equipped to fully adopt a flipped classroom model.



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