The 36 Rules Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

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“Shea Bennet displays a great infographic regarding the 36 important rules of social media in this article featured recently on MediaBistro. Take a glance anywhere on the infographic and you're sure to discover an important fact regarding the power of social media today.”


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Everyone’s an influencer. The consumer is out for himself (not for you). Optimize content. It’s an organism, not a process. Think past vanity metrics (like followers). Update your Facebook Page… or delete it.

Good advice, right? As much as it frustrates marketers, the business of social media is as much an art as it is a science, but there are some tried and tested rules and guidelines that justwork. And brands, new and old, need to pay attention.

Fast Company asked some of social media’s savviest users about their best practices, many of which were delivered in bite-sized, tweetable chunks. The finest suggestions have been documented in this infographic, which is a useful, one-stop, printable guide to best practices for brands using social media.


  1. greg platt

    I don’t take part in social media. Idon’t have twitter acounts, I don’t blog, My space ,your space, or any other space. I enjoy something we old timers call a conversation. If we can’t talk to each other we don’t really need to waste each others time.

  2. Ian Jukes

    Greg – thanks for taking the time to write – I agree and disagree with your perspective at the same time – there absolutely is a place for a ftf conversation, but for the Digital Generation tweeting, texting, messaging et al is just another way for them to stay connected 24/7 – the DG get accused regularly of being anti-social beings who lack even the most basic communications skills – my research shows that for the vast majority, nothing could be further from the truth – they are constantly communicating with their friends – they’re just not social the way we think of social…IJ

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