Story Worldwide’s Storytelling Matrix

Posted by Jason Ohler on

“Talk to anyone in the branding business and they will tell you the same thing. Regardless of how you combine Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Twitter, or whatever else is in your arsenal, the goal is to tell your story and involve your customers in your narrative. Telling your story used to be fairly straightforward. There were tellers, listeners, and a very limited choice of channels to connect the two: TV, radio, print. But now, in a transmedia world, tellers, listeners and participants work collectively to forge narrative. So how do we sort among the options? Make the connections that matter? Simplify the complex? This video by Story WorldWide does a very good job of helping you see the big picture.”



This excellent video by Story Worldwide has been featured on Brand Stories for a while now. Not sure if you’ve seen it? If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth your time.

One of the tools they use when creating branded storytelling is their storytelling matrix — a framework that allows organisations to fully understand and orchestrate their brand narrative.

Its three axes (Activity, Complexity, and Personality) are used to plot in the executions necessary to maximize meaningful interaction with a given group.

The two and a half minute video explains the model and uses a series of Story-produced designs to explain each axis.

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