Randy MacLEAN

Randolph J. MacLEAN is an experienced district-level administrator and high school principal. Randy has had the opportunity to present throughout Canada and United States as well as Mexico and South America on such topics as one-to-one technology integration; school improvement through increased student learning; project-based learning and 21st century skill development. As a principal, Randy has personally experienced the transition of a one-to-one laptop deployment from grades 3 - 11 and has seen ranking improve from 449/452 to 116/452.

Randy is passionate about providing students and teachers with a learning culture that rewards risks-taking, creativity and innovation, which will allow them to succeed beyond expectations. Randy believes that we must ensure that all students will have the skills to enable them to seamlessly transition into the technologically driven global community. He knows that in order to achieve this goal we must transform the learning environment for both students and teachers so learning is relevant, engaging and challenging for all learners.