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In this overview, just to make it easier, we've listed the "greatest hits". The following sessions we've outlined for you are the top requests from our clients world-wide. These titles are available as keynote presentations, breakout sessions, workshops, or half to full day facilitations. The descriptions should just be considered a starting point—we work with our clients to customize each presentation to meet the specific needs of the audience.

Separate versions for students, school board, corporate groups, parents, and community members are available. Check out the descriptions and links below, and please contact us with all your questions and booking requests.

 Literacy is Not Enough: 21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age

Powerful technologies and information systems have caused facts to become obsolete faster, and knowledge built on these facts to become less durable. InfoWhelm is breaking down the boundaries between conventional disciplines, altering the very fabric of our society, and affecting the way we work, play, communicate, view our fellow citizens, how we learn, and what's important for us to know. Yet schools in their structure, operation, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment models remain largely the same as they have for decades.

In 21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age, you'll learn why it's important that students develop essential 21st Century Fluency skills to operate in the new living, working, and learning environments of today. More importantly, you'll learn how these skills can be taught in a structured manner at every grade level and in every subject area, and be the responsibility of every teacher throughout the entire school experience. This is our most requested keynote and workshop and is based on the best-selling book Literacy is Not Enough: 21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age.

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 Living on the Future Edge: The Age of Disruptive Innovation

In today's digital world, we are witnessing the evolution of an incredible and turbulent new age. It's the age of disruptive innovation - an age where every part of society is experiencing a complete upheaval due to the chronic and pervasive nature of change. Our schools, like our businesses, must constantly adapt to such conditions to remain active in the market.

The Age of Disruptive Innovation examines how each new innovation disrupts and reshuffles, even replaces an entire market segment. It also looks at the changing nature of the workforce and the rise of the creative class. It identifies the critical 21st-century skills that are not being addressed by our current educational model, and outlines how we can effectively engage learners so that they can perform exceptionally well on exams, while simultaneously learning the critical 21st-century fluencies needed to excel in both school and life.

This presentation, based on our book, Living on the Future Edge: Windows on Tomorrow provides a sense of how education can come to realize the long-term benefits of adapting to our current state of societal progress, and how our students will ultimately benefit.

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 Understanding the Digital Generation: The New Connections

This eye-opening presentation provides a comprehensive look at how the pervasive nature of digital culture has and continues to change the brains of our students. As a result of these changes, they have developed learning styles and preferences which are in contrast to the traditional pedegogical approach.

The New Connections provides a clear description of 10 core learning attributes of digital learners, and a pragmatic look at how we can teach effectively in an age when new technologies cascade onto the new digital landscape at an astonishing rate. This presentation is based on our best-selling book Understanding the Digital Generation: Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape.

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 Getting it Right: Aligning Technology Initiatives for Measurable Student Results

Over the last 30 years, close to 300 billion dollars has been spent on technology, yet this massive spending has had little measurable impact on student results. Why is this? It's best explained by the great American philosopher Yogi Berra, who once said, "If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else". After having managed investment in technology in excess of $170 million dollars of others people's money, we've learned that if you take time to align your initiatives with intended learning goals, every minute spent planning and questioning will save an hour at implementation stage, not to mention huge sums of money.

This presentation is designed to help teachers, educational leaders, and decision-makers wade through the complexities of technology implementation and planning. We outline a simple, yet comprehensive strategy of alignment that will ensure that technology initiatives are effectively aligned to meet instructional goals, that there is measurable accountability for expenditures, and at the same time, ensuring that learners are effectively prepared with the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in the new realities of the 21st Century economy.

This presentation is based on our book Getting it Right: Aligning Technology Initiatives for Measurable Student Results.

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