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Our cloud-app Fluency21 Unit Planner was created to help you make the shift to a learning environment where students use higher-level thinking to create products as solutions to relevant real-world problems.

Aligned with the 21st Century Fluencies and the processes outlined in our book, Literacy is Not Enough, this tool will allow you to create units that develop the essential skills so that students will not only be prepared for the tests, but also be prepared for life.

You're not alone, we designed this cloud-app so that you can collaborate and share with like-minded educators around the world that are also committed to making a difference.

Standards are Standards

We understand that every teacher, at every level is accountable for ensuring the curriculum standards are met. The very nature of the 21st century learning environment is that it addresses multiple curricular objectives in multiple subject areas.

Our Fluency21 Unit Planner cloud-app includes Common Core, as well as standards for Texas, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and you can add your own as well! You will be able to identify all the applicable standards for your unit. By grouping plans into a collection, you can plan for the year as our cloud-app will instantly determine which standards have not been addressed.

The unique collaborative features allow administrators, coaches and teachers to comment on any aspect of a unit plan, fine tuning for the best possible learning outcomes. You can even send a shout-out to your PLN for input and assistance, to one of our Fluency21 Coaches, or to the global community of teachers collaborating through our cloud-app.



You can invite teachers in your district to share your unit plans. Together, you can make it fabulous and both use it, or invite several teachers and make it even better!



Browse any unit plan and offer your enthusiasm and ideas on how to make it better, or ask for suggestions.



We've made adding these to your unit plans a breeze! Search by subject, grade or keyword and the results are filtered in real-time. Just click the plus sign and it's added to your plan and rubrics!


fluency matrix

What gets measured gets done! The Fluency Matrix will help you determine how well your unit plan cultivates the essential 21st Century Fluencies.

fluency21.com unit plansHere's a few hundred to get you started.

Everyone needs some samples to really understand how to write these units, and the Fluency21 team has developed an extensive collection of top-notch unit plans for your teachers to use. We are proud of our writers, who have met the challenge of our high-standards, and have delivered these wonderful and unique units. Because the focus of the 21st Century Fluencies is on "head-ware" not hardware, each plan provides suggestions for high-tech, low-tech and no-tech installations. But we're not done, new unit plans are being written and added every day!

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