The Top 10 Skills for the 21st Century Young Professional [Infographic]

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“This infographic featured on Youtern was crafted by the University of Phoenix. It contains a visual profile of the 10 most essential skills needed by young students graduating into the 21st-century workforce. You'll find that the development of all these skills is deeply embedded within the 21st Century Fluencies.”


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For every open position, there are hundreds of applicants from those who – from a technical point of view – could do the job. What sets candidates apart now goes past your technical skills, however. What counts now is the soft skills the recruiter believes you bring to the job – as well as your ability to develop and implement further skills while working.

But what skills are most in demand? And how does a young professional develop these skills when they aren’t necessarily taught in college as directly as “Collaboration 101″?

This infographic by University of Phoenix details the Top 10 skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century workplace, as well as some insight on how best to acquire them. Take a look… and see if your coursework, extra-curricular activities, internships and volunteer assignments are helping you develop these must-have skills:



  1. Theresa Sarnecki

    I would also suggest that a student take at least one language. Also travelling to foreign lands as well as learning and participating with groups that help the poor and in need people of their own country

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