464 Digital Learning Tools To Sift Through On A Rainy Day

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“WOW! Dale Borgeson has been busy! He has amassed a gargantuan list of web services, articles, and ideas that may prove useful to teachers. Some of the tools may be worth your time, while others may not provide you with the relative advantage needed for lesson incorporation. Please visit the link at the bottom of the post to explore ... and I do suggest using more than one rainy day for this undertaking!”


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The quality and practicality of digital learning tools is a bit subjective.

Where one classroom may do very well with the unpackaged and unfiltered content available on YouTube, Scribd, or podcasts, another teacher may want a practice app that picks one grade level of one content area and has students practice.

Where one teacher may create a classroom full of self-directed learners working through way through project-based learning units, another may want pre-packaged content like that available through MOOCs and iTunesU.

So the following list by Dale Borgeson then–almost maddeningly long at 464 digital learning tools and counting–will make some of you crazy, and some of you smile. If you count yourself among the latter, help improve the list on your next rainy day. How? You can make listly a more effective crowdsourcing tool by “upvoting” apps you’ve used and like, and downvoting those you’ve used and don’t like. In doing so, you help separate the useful apps from the not-so-much.

With all due respect to subjectivity, that is.

Please click here to view the 464 Digital Learning Tools To Sift Through On A Rainy Day


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