13 Reasons Your Brain Craves Infographics

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“It's no secret that we are all inherently visual learners, and that infographics are often the perfect way to organize and share information in a way that really sticks with us. Infographics are quite popular, but why is this? Why do we love looking at them so much? What cognitive need do they feed? Jeff Dunn from Edudemic has the answer in the following article.”


via Edudemic

Visual aides such as infographics, videos, charts, and other images are a great way to quickly grasp key concepts of important topics. I’m a fan of infographics and, judging by the response on Edudemic, you’re a fan too. While infographics aren’t exhaustive or authoritative, they’re useful ways to quickly introduce key concepts to a large group of people. But why is that? What’s the science behind it all? Did you know that there are actually more than a dozen reasons your brain craves infographics? That’s at least the idea behind an awesome new (what else?) infographic that was just sent my way.

The new infographic was just published a few minutes ago and is a full-page interactive infographic by the folks at Neomam. I embedded the static version of the infographic (boring, but works on school computers young and old) below but strongly encourage you to click here to view the interactive HTML5 version.