How (And Why) Teachers Should Get Started With Blended Learning

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“Jeff Dunn from Edudemic features an infographic on blended learning in the following article. He explains why it's becoming such a buzzword in education, and why it's worth looking into if you are not familiar with it or are just beginning to explore it. Also, check out the video for more insights and info.”


via Edudemic

Blended learning is quite simply one of the most overused terms to describe the current state of education’s relationship with technology. However, it fits. Blended learning is marrying the influx of technology with the learning principles that are proven to work. It’s a powerful combination if done properly. That’s why this new-ish term is, as stated just a few sentences ago, such an overused term. Because it’s important!

So how does your average everyday teacher get started with blending up your learning? Isn’t there some sort of visual aid you could look at to quickly grasp the key points and perhaps see 10 (or so) ways to actually use blended learning in the classroom?

Why yes! There is! This visual guide is a powerful and effective guide for teachers of any skill level to quickly understand and start thinking about how to start properly blending the use of technology with other teaching methods in the classroom.

Source: Digital Learning Now

Want A Video Description Of Blended Learning? Here You Go!

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