The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Networks (Infographic)

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“For most of us, posting on our social networks is an everyday thing, and often multiple times a day. However, just as with blogging, there are strategies that help you to determine what the best times are to post for maximum impact and viewing. Here is an article from Krissy Brady on Social Caffeine that supplies us with an infographic to show what these times are, along with the worst times.”


via Social Caffeine

Knowing the best times to reach your audience is one of the trickiest aspects of maintaining your brand’s social media strategy.

Compiled below are the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

These stats are not set in stone – they’re based on Internet users as a whole, not on your specific target audience – but they’re a solid starting point for anyone looking to gain more traction with their social media posts.

The best thing you can do is keep track of your analytics – specifically, when your audience seems to be most receptive to your content – and periodically revise your social media schedule.

Courtesy of: Social Caffeine

Krissy Brady

Krissy Brady is a freelance writer from Gravenhurst, Ontario. She freelances for women’s magazines and is currently writing her first screenplay. Like the women she writes for, she wants to have it all, but first needs to figure out what that means.


  1. Leanne

    What time zone are you talkling about? Clearly you are referring to the US.
    I would think it varies according to what part of the world you are in and who your market is….

    • Ian Jukes

      Good question. You are absolutely right, the article was written by someone who lives in the Atlantic time zone. Obviously there’s going to be a different level of traffic depending on where one is in the world. Thanks for bringing that to the readers’ attention.

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