G’Day Australia! 21st Century Fluency Spring Tour

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In partnership with ACEL, we will be holding our 21st Century Fluency Institutes throughout Australia in March. This is a great opportunity to start the shift to a 21st century learning environment.

This is not professional development, but professional transformation!

These intensive and dynamic sessions are about moving past the rhetoric to make meaningful change at the classroom level. Designed to engage lateral thinking, to foster creativity, and optimized to expedite the shift to the 21st century classroom, we begin our sessions with the 21st Century Fluencies. While participants may have already been introduced to the fluencies in our keynote presentations, having the opportunity to revisit them experientially takes comprehension to a whole new level.

Working in teams with participants from a mix of grade levels and subject areas, we move on to scenario development, connecting the standards to relevant real-world events and situations. We keep the process shifting and spiralling up until each group has created a solid, completely written scenario, identified all the standards it addresses, and created rubrics that follow the principles of authentic assessment.

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 8.26.50 AMAfter the workshop, participants will be able to continue to develop unit plans through our Fluency21 Unit Planner, which includes hundreds of complete units written by our team. Users can co-author, share, and source unit plans with a global community of educators of the same subject and grade levels.

More importantly, post-workshop, participants will be given access to our Fluency21 coaching team. Coaches will work remotely, one-on-one, to support each teacher as they independently develop units for the classroom. This is a great self-directed learning opportunity for teachers to excel on their own time and pace, wherever and whenever they choose.

By the end of the coaching program, each participant will have developed as many complete units for their class as they wish, which, through the support of the coach, will be of the highest standard—on par with the units we approve for publishing ourselves.

Staying connected

We are focused on building relationships and supporting educators who are dedicated to ensuring students master not only the standards, but also the 21st Century Fluencies. After the session participants will have significant practical experience, and going forward, we will still be there for them via the unit planner portal. Every participant will retain access to our webinars, the Fluency21 Unit Planner and to our coaching team for six months, and have exclusive opportunities for further training.

About ACEL

As Australia’s peak professional organisation ACEL is a forward thinking, relevant and responsive agent of change and innovation.  ACEL is a not-for-profit company and a 21st Century learning organisation that is continuously improving its practices to harness national and global opportunities. As the premier provider of resources and experiences for educational leaders, ACEL’s membership continues to grow with over 6500 members actively connecting and participating in regular professional learning opportunities.

For more information and registrations, visit www.acel.org

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